Meet the Peer Allies


Picture of Bella Faith

Bella Faith (she/her)

Los Angeles, California
Majors: Religion and Politics & Government
Minor: Theater

Fun Fact: I can hold my breath for three minutes.

Picture of Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson (She/Her) President

Seattle, Washington
Major: Exercise Science

Fun Fact: My goldfish from kindergarten is still alive and is now over a foot long.


Picture of David Margoliash

David Margoliash (He/Him)  

Chicago, Illinois
Major: Psychology
Minor: History

Fun Fact: I love to cook and play piano!

Alexandra Thomas-Sanchez (She/Her, They/Them)

San Diego, CA
Major: Mathematics and Studio Art (Emphasis in ceramics)
Fun Fact: I don't have an appendix!

Rebecca O'Donnell (She/Her/Hers)

Tacoma, WA
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: When I was a baby I was attacked by a dog and the doctors told my parents I would be facially deformed the rest of my life

Makoa Mau (He/Him)

Moanalua, HI
Major: Biochemistry
Fun Fact: I'm a chemistry lab assistant and Im also on the baseball team!

Lina Drangsholt (She/Her) Vice President

Seattle, WA
Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology
Minor: Gender & Queer Studies
Fun Fact: I spent three months traveling after my first year here. 

Jules Kaufmann (She/Her) Secretary/Treasurer

Oakland, CA
Major: Natural Science
Minor: Philosophy
Fun Fact: Jellyfish have been around for roughly 700 million years, making them three times older than the first dinosaurs, and I love jellyfish.

Joe Brennan (He/Him)

Anacortes, WA
Major: Chemistry
Minor: I am afraid of owls!

Evan Lebakken (He/Him) Education Co-Chair

Edina, MN
Majors: Environmental Policy and Computer Science
Fun Fact: Once I broke my pinkie but didn't realize it until it had healed crooked.

Danielle Dean (She/Her) Social Media Chair

Sacramento, CA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Religious Studies
Fun Fact: I was born in Las Vegas NV​.


Chloe Brew (She/ Her)

Denver, CO
Major: Art History and Classics
Fun Fact: I have technically won a Grammy!

Jude Glazer (He/Him)

Los Angeles, CA
Major: Undeclared
Fun Fact: I will point out every dog I see in public. Every. Single. One.