About Sexual Misconduct

Why "Sexual Misconduct?"

There are several words and terms utilized to describe and name types of misconduct we refer to as “sexual misconduct” (i.e.  rape, rape culture, sexual violence, sex without consent, sexual assault, acquaintance rape, date rape, sexual harassment, etc.) Words are powerful, and these terms have varying political weight and historical implications. We have chosen to utilize the term “Sexual Misconduct” because it 1) encompasses many forms of sexual violence and 2) eliminates confusion by aligning with the title of our Campus Policy Preventing Harassment and Sexual Misconduct; however, we recognize that members of the Puget Sound community have differing preferences for terms. For specific definitions regarding acts that would be considered violations of campus policy, please see definitions or the Campus Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct Policies at Puget Sound

The Student Handbook includes a discussion of sexual misconduct, and references the university's Campus Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct Definitions

This page includes definitions of terminology surrounding the idea of sexual misconduct.

Myths About Sexual Misconduct

This page includes myths and illuminating facts about sexual misconduct.