What does it mean to be a professional in health care? Professionalism demands accountability, duty, honor, integrity, respect for others, and altruism. Physical Therapists have professional organizations at the state and national level and one aspect of developing as a professional is to participate in these associations. Experiential opportunities to aid in your preparation as a health professional include:

Legislative Impact Day:
One way we vocalize opportunities is through the Physical Therapy Association of Washington (PTWA). Legislative Impact Day is a great way for students to get involved and have their voices heard. To view more on the subject, see below.

Social Action Service Learning:
The goal of the required social action/service learning activities and reflections is to allow physical therapy students to begin to develop a sense of civic engagement and community responsibility through service.

Combined Sections Meeting:
"CSM 2016 brought together more than 11,000 professionals from around the nation." Some of our DPT students are exposed to professional groups through the Combined Sections Meeting each year. The meeting is sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physical Therapy Association of Washington:
PTWA is the Physical Therapy Association of Washington that provides resources for members such as: Answers on Demand, Discounted Continuing Education, Reimbursement Information and Advocacy, Legislative Advocacy, Membership Directory, News and Information and Product/Service Discounts as it relates to the Physical Therapy profession.