The Liberal Arts: Leadership for a Changing World

Friday, March 24, 2017
9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Inaugural Symposium
The Liberal Arts: Leadership for a Changing World

Panel 1: Innovations in the Liberal Arts Classroom
Moderator: Sara Freeman, associate professor of theatre arts
Wyatt 109

Presentation 1: The Art and Science of Color
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Dan Burgard, associate professor and chair of chemistry
Elise Richman, associate professor and chair of art and art history

Presentation 2: "Why Is Your Class So Loud?": Reacting to the Past and Student Engagement
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Diane Kelley, professor of French studies
Eric Orlin, professor of classics
Brett Rogers, associate professor of classics

Presentation 3: "Now, Mr. Lincoln?": Traditional Inquiry and Local History in the Digital Age
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Peggy Burge, coordinator of teaching, learning, and digital humanities in Collins Memorial Library
Alison Tracy Hale, professor of English, affiliated faculty in honors and gender and queer studies

Panel 2: Expanding the Boundaries of the Liberal Arts
Moderator: Renee Houston, associate dean for experiential learning and civic scholarship and professor of communication studies
Wyatt 101

Presentation 1: Empresses of Lavapiés: Experiential Education Through Madrid Summers
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Corey Friedman '17, Spanish culture and literature
Jensen Handwork '17, business leadership program and international political economy
Harry Vélez-Quiñones, professor and chair of Hispanic studies

Presentation 2: Thinking Entrepreneurially With the Tacoma Art Museum
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Kyla Dierking '17, business
Mikayla Hougan '17, business leadership program
Elizabeth Richards '18, business and Spanish culture and literature

Presentation 3: Intercultural Development in Short-Term Study Abroad: The LIASE Southeast Asia Program
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Gareth Barkin, associate professor of anthropology in sociology and anthropology
Lely Shim, instructor of Indonesian
Megan Sanders '18, international political economy and politics and government
Nicholas Navin '19, sociology and anthropology

Panel 1: Liberal Arts in Community Partnership

Moderator: Mike Spivey, professor and chair of mathematics and computer science
Thompson 175

Presentation 1: Bridging and Building Across Impertinent Relations: The Race and Pedagogy Institute (RPI)
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Dexter Gordon, professor of African American studies and communication studies, chair of African American studies
Nancy Bristow, professor of history
Grace Livingston, professor of African American studies

Presentation 2: Journey to the Core of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Where Partnerships Lead to Inspiration and Community
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Siddharth Ramakrishnan, associate professor of biology, director of neuroscience program
Suzanne Holland, professor of religious studies

Presentation 3: Community Partnerships for Health: Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Programs Integrating Research and Professional Education Into a Thriving Campus Clinic
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George Tomlin, professor of occupational therapy
Roger Allen, professor of physical therapy

Panel 2: Liberal Arts in Partnership With Educational Institutions
Moderator: Amy Ryken, dean and professor of education
Thompson 193

Presentation 1: The Liberal Arts in the Prison and the University
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Tanya Erzen, associate research professor of religion and gender and queer studies
Carsen Nies '17, molecular and cellular biology

Presentation 2: Media Literacy Project: Working With Elementary Students to Create Critical Viewers
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Quinelle Bethelmie '17, philosophy and communication studies
Catherine Huber '17, communication studies
Callahan Foley '18, communication studies and business
Hannah Houser '18, communication studies

Presentation 3: Ethics Bowl: The Case of Autonomous Cars
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Ariela Tubert, associate professor and chair of philosophy
Eileen Mapes-Riordan '17, philosophy

Panel 1: Sustainability
Moderator: Rachel DeMotts, associate professor and director of environmental policy and decision making
Wyatt 101

Presentation 1: Divestment: The Road to Environmental Justice
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Emma Farmer Casey '18, international political economy
Curtis W. Mraz '18, biology

Presentation 2: Soundscape Composition: Music as Environmental Activism
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Megan Reich '17, biology and performance

Presentation 3: Ethiopian Church Forests: Mechanisms of Conservation
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Carrie Woods, visiting assistant professor of biology
Robyn Thomas '18, biology and environmental policy and decision making

Panel 2: Social Justice
Moderator: Renee Simms, assistant professor of African American studies
Wyatt 109

Presentation 1: The American Creed: Immigration and Detention in Tacoma
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Amanda Díaz '18, special interdisciplinary major

Presentation 2: The Social Education of Abby Williams Hill
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Tiffany MacBain, associate professor of English
Laura Edgar, archivist for the Abby Williams Hill Collection
Sloan Strader '18, English

Presentation 3: Creating Change at the Intersection of Race and Homelessness
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Carolyn Weisz, professor of psychology
Will Bergstrom '14, Associated Ministries