2018 Youth Summit:

Histories of Power, Expressions of Resistance, and New Actions for Justice

The 2018 Youth Summit at University of Puget Sound offers a platform for youth to share energy, collect voice, engage in critical thinking, reflect on issues related to rights and freedoms, and to consider their role in transforming systems of inequity and injustice.


The Youth Summit target audience is high school students with middle school students as schools/classes/organizations/parents deem appropriate. All high schools students are welcome. School districts and youth organizations from around Puget Sound will bus in more than 500 students to participate in the Youth Summit.

If you are an individual student wishing to register but not attending with a school or organization, please email raceandpedagogy@pugetsound.edu for the registration procedure.


The Youth Summit occurs on the campus of the University of Puget Sound. Schools and Organizations bringing students to participate are responsible for coordinating field trip paperwork, chaperones for their group (per their own district/organization policies), and transportation to and from the campus.


2018 Youth Summit attendance by school

2018 Youth Summit Schedule
September 28, 2018

8 am-10:30 am

Students Arrive / Jeff Chang Keynote

10:30 am

Youth Summit Kick-Off

1:30 pm