expedition (ak'spi dish' 'n):
1. a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose, as exploration.
2. the group of persons or vehicles engaged in such an activity
3. promptness or speed in accomplishing something
ex'pe•di;tion•ar•y, adj. of or used in an expedition

The Expeditionary (The Expy) is a student-run outdoor equipment rental facility that is located in a campus house at 1408 N. Alder Street.

Hours of Operation

Expeditionary Staff 2019-2020

  • Laura Woodhouse
  • Nicholas Muth
  • Jake Burnham

PSO Expeditionary Manager
Maya Gilliam

Where is The Expeditionary?

We have moved to 1408 N. Alder Street...behind the Wheelock Student Center on Alder.

Come visit us!

map of The Expeditionary