Geographical Distribution of PSM specimens

PSM vertebrate & plant specimens on the iDigBio portal (80% of 81,630 have been georeferenced and are plotted)

PSM vertebrate records were updated in May 2023 with additional data added to records. Explore more on:

GBIF overview - Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GBIF PSM records - vertebrates and plants

IDigBio - enter PSM in the field for Institution Code, see image below

VertNet Intro Page - mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians (VertNet is not yet updated, use GBIF or iDigBio)
Search VertNet records - note that advanced searches are possible with the option at the right side of the search window

CPNWH (Consortium of Pacific NW Herbaria) - Label data and specimen images, select PSM 


As of Jan 2014, institutional servers that were used for MaNIS, ORNIS, & HerpNET were decommissioned and vertebrate data for the museum will be available through GBIF, iDigBio, Vertnet or CPNWH portals.