International Honor Society in Psychology

Membership Qualifications

Invitations for lifetime membership in Psi Chi are mailed out in February to Psychology majors meeting the following academic qualifications:

  • Established GPA at Puget Sound
  • Second-semester sophomore or later
  • Completed 3 or more psychology courses at Puget Sound
  • Minimum Psychology GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Cumulative GPA in the top 35% of respective class (e.g., junior class)

Benefits of Membership

Along with the intrinsic value of being recognized internationally, Psi Chi members receive a certificate, quarterly Psi Chi newsletter, discounted membership to professional affiliations, access to exclusive chapter events like touring the UW Primate Research Center, as well as eligibility to apply for merit-based scholarships, research awards, and funding to present research at regional and national conferences.

Active Membership

Members are encouraged to remain active within our chapter while on campus. Active membership includes regular participation in activities and events that embody the three Vision Goals of Psi Chi:

  1. Scholarly Pursuits (e.g., research nights, article discussions)
  2. Member Development (e.g., graduate school and career panels, personal statement workshop)
  3. Chapter and Member Experiences (e.g., Western State Hospital museum tour, community engagement)

Graduating with Psi Chi Honor Cords

Active Psi Chi members graduate with Psi Chi's navy and silver honor cords, signifying a commitment to the department, Psi Chi, and the science of psychology.