One [of a Kind] The Campaign for University of Puget Sound

We did it—together! 
One [of a Kind] campaign exceeds goal; raises $131.6 million

In October 2011 Puget Sound publicly launched an ambitious campaign with a goal of raising $125 million to support our outstanding students and faculty. As of June 30, 2015, we have not only reached but surpassed that goal, with more than 28,000 alumni, parents, and friends of Puget Sound contributing $131.6 million.

Our goal was never just a number, but a transformative result for Puget Sound. And that is just what we have achieved. A few highlights:

Financial aid. More than $40 million for endowment that supports student financial aid, including 85 new scholarships and additions to 141 existing scholarships.

Academic programs. Innovative new programs, faculty appointments, and teaching support in Southeast Asian studies, neuroscience, biophysics, bioethics, digital humanities, Latino/Latina Studies, environmental policy and decision making, and more.

New facilities. The William T. and Gail T. Weyerhaeuser Center for Health Sciences, Commencement Walk, and the Athletics and Aquatics Center, scheduled for completion by fall 2016.

The Campaign for University of Puget Sound supports our one-of-a-kind, pioneering spirit, making it possible for another generation of Puget Sound graduates to realize their full potential in building the best and brightest future imaginable.

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