The university tries to distribute workloads to stabilize the number of staff and minimize the need to reduce personnel. However, the university is not able to guarantee or promise employment for any specified length of time. Therefore, the university may terminate individuals or groups of staff members due to eliminating positions following the reorganization, the lack of available work or funds, or any other circumstances that do not reflect dissatisfaction with a staff member's performance. The university reserves the right to make such determinations at its sole discretion.

Implementation of Reduction and Staff Member Notification

After the determination has been made to eliminate a position and before potentially affected staff members have been identified, the department head should consult with the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or his or her designee regarding the decision's impact. Staff members in regular positions should not be laid off in a department. In contrast, staff members in the initial evaluation period or temporary staff members work in the department in the same or lower classifications if the potentially affected staff members meet the minimum employment qualifications. If there is more than one person in the classification in which the reduction in force is to occur, the determination of the staff member(s) to be laid off should take into consideration performance, special skills, or abilities that may be needed to perform work in the future, the ability to perform the work remaining, and/or length of service. Ideally, the Human Resources Department should be notified well in advance of the anticipated reduction in force and may try to help the staff member(s) find suitable employment elsewhere within the institution or with another employer.

Generally, the university tries to give staff members in non-exempt positions at least ten (10) working days notice before an actual layoff or ten (10) working days of regular pay (excluding overtime and shift differential) in lieu of notice. Staff members in exempt positions should receive twenty (20) working days notice or twenty (20) working days of regular pay in lieu of notice.


If the position from which a staff member was laid off is re-established within 120 calendar days from the date of the staff member's layoff, the staff member should be notified by the department head in writing and asked to return to the job, at which point he or she will have two (2) weeks to do so. During the 120 days following a layoff, the staff member may apply through the job posting program for any other position in the university, which becomes available and will be considered for transfer or promotion on the same basis as active staff members.

Origination Date: 9/1978.
Revised: 1/2020.