Contract Web Pages - Location of Puget Sound’s Contract Policy, template agreements, and resources for planning and reviewing contracts.

Contract Policy - Highlights

  1. Only individuals with formal (written), delegated contract authority are authorized to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the University of Puget Sound. Note that contract authority is not the same as budget/disbursement authority. Please contact to inquire about which Puget Sound faculty or staff members are authorized to sign contracts.
  2. Before a commitment is made for service arrangements with individuals, guidance must be obtained from Human Resources (HR) or, if for students, from Career and Employment Services (CES), to ensure the person is paid correctly as an employee, student leader, or independent contractor according to federal and state regulations. The Accounts Payable or Payroll? web page has general guidance for certain types of arrangements (such as Guest Presenters and Artists). Reviewing it before contacting HR or CES is recommended.
  3. Contracts to acquire software, software as a service (i.e. “cloud” or “online”), hardware (computer equipment), and web-related services must be co-signed by Puget Sound’s Chief Information Officer Jeremy Cucco. Jeremy must also be consulted regarding equipment that would interface with computers.
  4. Send a scanned copy of all complete, fully-signed (by all parties) contracts to the central Puget Sound contract file at
  5. Deliver completed and signed Forms W-9 and approved payment (invoice or disbursement) requests to Office of Finance in Jones Hall Room 018.

Guest Presenters/Artists

  1. Please see guidance on the Guest Presenter/Artist web page that includes criteria for using Puget Sound’s Template Agreements and checklists to help you complete them.
  2. There is an option for academic chairs/directors/deans to be delegated signing authority for the template Letter for Guest Presenter/Artists in Academic Settings (honorariums of less than $1,000).
  3. Unless the chair/director/dean has contract authority, Dean of Faculty Affairs Julie Christoph needs to sign letters and contracts with guest presenters/artists. Please contact to inquire if your chair/director/dean has contract authority.
  4. If the honorarium or payment to a Guest Presenter/Artist is $1,000 or more, please contact Theresa Williams-Chow in the Provost’s Office for assistance with the agreement.

Other Academic Contracts

  1. Written agreements with terms and conditions
  2. Examples: equipment and other service agreements, off-campus facility rental agreements
  3. Your department chair/director/dean should co-sign with Dean of Faculty Affairs Julie Christoph (or the Provost), who has broad contract authority for the Academic Division


  • contract-related questions (orientation, policy, web pages, template agreements, checklists, who is authorized to sign an agreement); or call the Office of University Counsel at campus extension 2735.
  • payment-related questions (disbursement requests, IRS Forms W-9).