The resources on this page are for use by KUPS for Record Label projects.

Steps/Procedures for KUPS Record Label Projects (DOC)
This document will walk you through planning, obtaining approval for, and completing KUPS Record Label projects. It is also a guide to other documents published on this page.

Music Licensing Basics (DOC)
Reviewing this document is step 2 in completing your project. It will help you understand the basics of licensing the music you want to use in your project.

Worksheet for KUPS Record Label Projects (XLS)
Filling out this worksheet is step 4 in completing your project. It will help you gather information needed to obtain:

  • approval for your project; and
  • correct licenses for music you want to use in your project.

Template Agreement for Music Licenses (DOC)
This form of agreement for music licenses was created by KUPS and the university to use for licensing music for KUPS record label projects.

Template Agreements for Live Performances 
If your project includes a live performance, review the information on this page and refer to the steps/procedures document above to select the correct template agreement.


For questions about KUPS record label projects, contact KUPS Operations Advisor Lawrence Huffines at

For questions about content of this page, contact the Office of University Counsel at or campus extension 2735.