About RSS

RSS stands for really simple syndication, and it's a really simple way to keep up with changing content from your favorite websites.

As an RSS subscriber, you automatically receive updates that may include a headline, text, and media such as audio or video files. This information is sent directly to your RSS reader, so instead of visiting a Web site to see new content, the new content comes to you.

If a Web site has an RSS feed, you'll often see the RSS icon in the address bar, or you may see a link to it on the page.

Many browsers have built-in RSS readers or you can use a personal portal page to view and manage multiple RSS feeds.

If you use Outlook, you can get feed updates delivered as email messages. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings and then New on the RSS Feeds tab. Type or paste the URL of the RSS feed you want to receive, and then Add and OK. You'll see updates start to arrive in your RSS Feeds folder.