"The Value of a Law Degree, or JD" hosted by Pre-Law Society

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Pre Law Society is hosting a guest speaker panel discussion on the value of a law degree, or JD. We will host four panelists (links to bios below) who will discuss the benefits of a law degree and in particular, the many career paths a law degree can lead to. Often, students are torn on whether or not to attend law school because it is a considerable monetary investment and many students are not sure if a life as an attorney is for them. This event is meant to address these and additional questions as well as give students a perspective on the relative power of a JD compared to other graduate degrees. We have a very experienced and welcoming group of attorneys coming to speak and they will be more than happy to answer your questions. If you are considering applying to or attending law school (and even if you aren't) we'd encourage you to come! Hope to see you there.


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