“The Struggle Is Real”: Taking a Self Inventory to Heal from Anti-Blackness in US Academia—CANCELED

Lecture 3 of the 2020 But Some of Us Are Brave lecture series.

"As an African American woman, professor, and a native of Cleveland, OH, I have learned, through many circumstances, the importance of recognizing intrinsic value. In short, it involves seeing the inner worth of one's self and of others. But this can be a struggle (when one is affected by interlocking oppressive structures) and the struggle is real. In my early academic career, in order to heal from the damage done by these structures, I began to take inventory of myself. This talk will be an interactive journey through my self-development and self-advocacy as a Black woman scholar in the system of US higher education. I will recount specific challenging experiences from my educational career that involve instances of racism, sexism, funding issues, international travel, the Ebola outbreak, and more. This talk, combined with audience engaged activities, will ultimately present listeners with the importance of taking a self inventory and developing a liberated narrative of themselves.

About the Speaker: Dr. Maria Martin, a native of Cleveland, OH, is currently an assistant professor of African history; critical race and ethnic studies at the University of California, Merced. She holds a Ph.D. in African American and African Studies with a concentration in history and women’s studies from Michigan State University where she is known for her hip hop teaching methods. Dr. Martin recently returned from Nigeria, teaching in gender studies, where she previously conducted research using oral histories and archives that centered building an intellectual history of Nigerian women’s activism in the nationalist movement. She is a Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship alumna and has won several Fulbright awards in addition to receiving an honorable mention from the Ford Foundation for her research. Dr. Martin has also been a volunteer grant writer, teacher trainer, and mentor for a non-profit organization serving young girls from the inner city of Detroit, Michigan for six years.

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