Student Staff Supervision 101

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Are you a new supervisor of student staff members? Have you been curious about resources that might help you as you interview students or orient new students to work in your department? Wondered about the timelines for student employment processes, like hiring or referrals, and hoped you weren’t missing anything? Perhaps you’ve been supervising student staff for a while now, but haven’t really had the time to dig into all the information out there about student staff supervision. Student Supervision 101 is an opportunity to get together with other supervisors, including those who are new to supervision of student staff members at Puget Sound and those who’ve been in the game for a while, and discuss everything from hiring to establishing (or re-establishing) expectations with students to processes and timelines unique to student employment.

Course Topics:

  • Federal/State work-study and University work-study explained
  • Referral process overview
  • Timelines for hiring and other employment processes
  • Student employment FAQ (working during breaks, hours/week, earnings limits, etc)
  • Interviewing
  • Orienting new hires and setting expectations
  • On-going conversations and reflection with students (including Compass Puget Sound reflective conversations)
  • Recognition of student staff
  • Supervising students working remotely
  • Opportunities for supervisor professional development, including training opportunities on the Compass Puget Sound program

Facilitator: Elizabeth Wormsbecker, Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development

Audience: All supervisors/managers of student staff

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