Panel Discussion: Puget Sound Book Artists

Everyone is invited to the upcoming panel discussion featuring four exhibiting artists in the Puget Sound Book Artists 8th Annual Members’ Exhibition. Moderated by Naomi Strom Avila, of the City of Tacoma’s Arts Commission, the panel members will talk about their practice and inspiration. The 2018 panel consists of John Arbuckle, Taylor Cox, Bonnie Halfpenny and Catherine-Alice Michaelis. Come to learn more about what motivates these talented book artists.

 John Arbuckle, Mountlake Terrace, WA

"Visual art has always been part of my life whether I was appreciating others' work or creating my own. There is something within me that drives me to take paint, paper, and recycled materials to create a new art piece. I love the satisfaction of ending up with a part of my imagination in a form that I can share with others but most of all I love creating just for my own satisfaction and enjoyment."

Taylor Cox, Tacoma, WA

"Letterpress printing and book arts has, for me, always been about the craftsmanship of handmade items. Coming from a graphic design background I was intrigued by the solidity of my actions that could no longer be undone with a click of the mouse and found that book arts was the perfect pairing of my two loves; graphic design and working with my hands. I continually find that the restrictions of physical typefaces and available materials not only keep me engaged more easily but push me to create better products with deeper content and more complex structures."

Bonnie Halfpenny, Portland, Oregon, Collins Choice Winner

"For me art feels a bit like cooking—it is a creative process that mixes the right ingredients together until the results seem just right.  I am especially drawn to using common materials such as fibers and fabric in an uncommon way, which seems to create art which feels familiar yet new. My goal is to produce visually compelling images with complex meaning."

Catherine-Alice Michaelis, Shelton, WA

"The world is made of stories, and so am I. By telling stories through the book form I can explore and express the natural world in context with human culture, the play of words against meaning, and both letter and text block as image - all with dimensionality."

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