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Starting out at a new college can be a tough transition—a new town, state, or even country; new expectations and responsibilities; new friends. But the University of Puget Sound tries to makes this transition easier and smoother, thanks to our nationally acclaimed new student orientation program, Prelude, Passages, and Perspectives. This program features activities that introduce you to the four core values of the University of Puget Sound: academic excellence, personal integrity, community, and citizenship.

Prelude, Passages, and Perspectives was named the best orientation program in the nation by the American College Personnel Association. In 2004, The Chronicle of Higher Education listed our program among five top college orientation programs, including others offered by Dartmouth, Princeton, and Georgetown.

But the most important critics—our students and alumni—they tell us that the program is the best possible way to start college. The nine-day orientation has three distinct parts, which together represent the challenge, adventure, and personal discovery that you will experience over the next four years—and it's a lot of fun, too.

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August 22-31, 2014

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