Lecture: "Remembering Boudica: Monuments of a Barbarian Queen"

Alison Futrell, from University of Arizona, will present this talk.

The revolt of Boudica, a tribal queen in the new province of Britannia in A.D. 60, was portrayed by Romans as an example of power gone wrong during the hated Nero's rule. Roman military might was disrupted by Boudica, a barbarian who nevertheless claimed nobility, whose leadership transcended the limits imposed by gender, and a queen who championed liberty. In the post-Roman period, Boudica was used to construct British national identity; the meaning of Boudica’s body, her sexuality, and her “barbarism” shift with different interpretations of gendered power and of the role played by Rome in Britain’s origins. This talk explores representations of Boudica from Roman to modern times.

Sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, Puget Sound Chapter.

Free and open to the public.

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