Kavi Ade: Poet, Performer, Gender Genie

Kavi Ade is an activist, arts educator, and nationally recognized spoken word poet of Afro and Indigenous Caribbean descent.

Kavi Ade’s poetry is a lamentation, a leaning in to what haunts the spirit of a Black Trans Queer body. With poems that are deeply personal while inescapably political Ade’s work grapples with being set at the throne of violence. Using art as resistance they create transformative dialogue that aims to combat supremacist powers and heal communities that have been relegated to the margins of society. Through poetry and performance Kavi speaks on race, gender, sexuality, and social justice, chronicling despair, grasping at hope, and exploring the ways a body can learn to survive. Kavi received a B.A. in Social Justice with a concentration on Art for Social Change and Gender Justice.

Join the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement team (CICE) in welcoming Kavi, receiving their spoken word, and participating in a question and answer session after their performance.

This is an event centering QTPOC narratives, and the content might include triggering topics like physical violence, transphobia, homophobia, police brutality, rape, and racism.

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Accessibility Information

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