How to Hack a Password (and How to Secure One)

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We will look into the common ways that hackers exploit passwords as a means to understanding the best ways to create good, strong, and relatively unbreakable passwords. There will be a hands-on component to this that requires no prior skill or knowledge. After taking this course, you will understand the components of a good and bad password, what to watch for to ensure that you secure your password well, and the best passwords to use for a variety of applications.

Course Topics:

Phishing – How do scammers get you to reveal your password to them for free!

Hacking – When all else fails, how do the hackers simply steal your passwords?

Data breaches – How your leaked password could spell doom for the university.

Facilitator: Jeremy Cucco, chief information officer. Jeremy has been with the university for 6 years. Prior to joining the team here, he was a government civilian in Washington DC. Amongst his many roles in that position, he was a hacker for the government that focused on penetration testing of biometrics devices and overall information security.

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