Guest Lecture: "Camp Stories" by Jennifer Kennard

Camp Stories runs Nov. 6, 2013–Jan. 14, 2014, an exhibit of work by two Northwest native artists, Gladiola Flowers and her daughter Jennifer Kennard. Designer and visual storyteller Jennifer Kennard draws upon her mother's narrative artwork and a journal recounting her youth during the Great Depression. Based upon her mother's recollections of her rustic family life on Puget Sound, Kennard chronicles the colorful stories in a series of paper constructions and artist books. With little training, Gladiola Flowers (1927-2013), was compelled to pursue her artwork as a means of reconciliation for the profound loss of her mobility as a result of multiple sclerosis. Over the course of one month, she worked diligently to record her happy childhood memories of the family camp in a daily journal, and completed a series of 32 drawings in a style best described as outsider art. This remarkable set of visual stories came to light only after her recent death in Jan. 2013. This will be the first public presentation of Gladiola Flowers' artwork since it was originally produced in 1983. Kennard is a graphic designer, educator and book artist and writes on typography, lettering and book design topics for her blog, Letterology. She will discuss the inspiration and motivation behind Camp Stories.

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