Equity and Inclusivity in Sustainability

Sustainability is shaped to be much more narrow and exclusive than it should be. We must acknowledge the historical and current whiteness and privilege in the fields of sustainability and conservation, while generating mutual support in the face of intertwined racial, socioeconomic, and environmental injustice. In order to be ecologically sustainable we need human sustainability: communities of respect, support, and justice. We must generate pride in the diverse groups and cultures that have sustainability embedded in them that are actively excluded from or harmed by sustainability and conservation efforts. Creating a more holistic and inviting approach will strengthen all aspects of sustainability, and beyond!

Join us in exploring multiple case studies and perspectives from near and far. Panelists include:

  • Paul Cheoketen Wagner, Saanich First Nation member, environmental activist, and award-winning flute player
  • Sehenyi Tlotlego, philanthropy coordinator for a safari company in Botswana
  • Douglas Sackman, professor of history, speaking on whiteness and privilege in the history of environmentalism
  • Marilyn Kimmerling, member of the "Super Six" arrested for blocking LNG machinery at the Port of Tacoma
  • Ariela Tubert, professor of philosophy, speaking on environmental racism 

This event is free and open to the public.

Refreshments provided!

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