Christmas (not) at Kilworth: A Festival of Lessons and Carols

For almost 40 years, Puget Sound has celebrated a "Festival of Lessons and Carols" - a pre-Christmas celebration of music, story, hope, and joy. The pandemic means we'll be doing it differently, but we will continue. This service includes traditional texts about Christmas, and the chance to sing (from home, this time) classic Christmas carols.

For 2020, we are partnering not only with our usual friends in the Adelphian Concert Choir, but with faculty, staff, and alumni readers, and - thanks to generous support from ASUPS - with musical performances from an incredible ensemble of Blues Vespers artists. For anyone who celebrates the Christmas spirit - whether in religious or secular ways - we hope you'll join us for this unique, remote, but life-celebrating night of story and music.

For more information, please contact University Chaplain Dave Wright,

Join us on Zoom:

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