Art Exhibit: "Rewriting Tradition: Modern Century Chinese Landscape and Calligraphy"


This exhibit is a student-curated show with pieces from the Studio of Gathering Hearts in Seattle, Wash. The exhibit features influential 20th-century artists such as Xu Bing and Gu Wenda, and others who have challenged and reinvented the age-old traditions of Chinese calligraphy. 

Beijing-based Xu Bing is known for shows that at one time reflected Chinese cultural issues, but that more recently have tackled environmental issues and addressed the need for serenity in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Gu Wenda is a contemporary artist from China, living in New York City, whose works include the global art installations project United Nations and large-scale ink paintings, which often use pseudo-languages.

Student Curators' Talk: Wednesday, March 7, 5–7 p.m.

Free and open to the public. Kittredge Gallery is open Monday–Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m., and Saturday, noon–5 p.m.

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