Alternative Fall Break 2018: "The City of Destiny, but for Whom?: Tracing Histories of Exclusion."

Campus Only

This alternative fall break will take place from Saturday, Oct. 13–Tuesday, Oct. 16. For the break we will trace the history of Tacoma, looking at what has been preserved in Tacoma and what has been destroyed, all while engaging within the community. Some examples of the theme will be covering are redlining, LGBTQ+ history, Japanese internment, and the Tacoma Method.

Alternative Break is a unique service and social justice immersion program hosted by the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE) during the fall and spring breaks. Thematically based, alternative breaks provide opportunities for students to engage with a particular area of social justice and service on a deeper level. During fall break, learn about which social justice issues are especially relevant in Tacoma and how they fit into broader nation-wide or global issues.  Spring break offers students the opportunity to build relationships, cultivate awareness of social justice, and engage in reflection and solidarity with those we partner with for the break experience. 

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