Aikido Open House: Dojo Grand Opening

Tacoma Aikikai is opening the doors to our new permanent home, a neighborhood dojo serving kids, teens, and adults in Tacoma's Central District at 2502 S. 12th St. Come celebrate this milestone with us. We’ll have food, games, demos, and prizes, and plenty of rolling and falling to dedicate our new mat. Stop by anytime to find out what aikido is all about and what’s happening at your neighborhood dojo.

Who is Tacoma Aikikai? We’re a traditional aikido martial arts dojo, dedicated to empowering youth and adults in the South Puget Sound. Woman-owned and operated, we offer training and instruction in aikido, aikido weapons, iaido, and zazen meditation for kids, teens, and adults.

Who can practice aikido? Aikido is unique among martial arts in that anyone regardless of age, size, or ability can practice. This is because aikido does not rely on physical strength but uses principles of position and timing to off-balance and neutralize opponents.

What is aikido? Aikido is a dynamic martial art that exercises body and mind, improves flexibility and coordination, and promotes overall well-being, with practical applications for safe falling, self-defense, and conflict resolution. Developed in Japan in the early 20th century and known as "the way of harmony," aikido neutralizes an opponent’s attacks through joint locks and throws.

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