Puget Sound Students Earn Prestigious National Fellowships

May 1, 2019

Thirteen students and recent alumni of University of Puget Sound have been awarded prestigious national scholarships and fellowships. Many of the selected Loggers will teach, travel, or attend intensive overseas language and cultural-immersion programs in countries all over the world, including Kosovo, Indonesia, Germany, and Morocco.

“These students have been awarded prestigious opportunities through diligent work even before the application process began,” said Kelli Delaney, associate director of fellowships and academic advising at Puget Sound. “That work included taking academically challenging classes, volunteering, learning languages, and being involved in the community through activities such as internships, research, leadership roles on campus and off, part-time jobs, and music groups. These awards give them the opportunity to explore the next steps in their life stories.”

This year’s awards include: four Fulbright English Teaching Awards, which place students in classrooms overseas to assist in teaching English; five French Teaching Assistant Program selections; one Watson Fellowship, which funds a year of independent exploration outside the United States; one Critical Language Scholarship, which sends a student abroad to engage with a different culture and language; and one Goldwater Scholarship, a national award supporting students who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences.

The awardees were assisted by Puget Sound faculty and staff members; by members of the Tacoma community who provided work, research, and volunteer opportunities; and by their families and friends. The fellowships office, directed by Delaney, coordinates the student applications and handles student recruiting, interviews, evaluation, mentoring, and mock interviews.

The Graduate Fellowships Advisory Committee, chaired by chemistry professor Jeff Grinstead, reads applications, conducts campus interviews, and selects scholarship nominees. Committee members also include Greta Austin, religious studies and gender and queer studies; Andrew Gardner, sociology and anthropology; Brendan Lanctot, Hispanic studies; Aislinn Melchoir, classics; Patrick O’Neil, politics and government; Katherine Smith, history; Amy Spivey, physics; and Delaney. In addition, many faculty members on and off campus provide indispensable assistance by acting as research advisors and mentors, or by writing letters of recommendation on the students’ behalf.

For more information about student fellowship and scholarship opportunities visit www.pugetsound.edu/fellowships.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship
Isabel Amaya ’18 (Kosovo)
Franny Klatt ’19 (Germany)
Justin Loye ’19 (Taiwan)
Nicholas Navin ’19 (Indonesia)
Meadow Poplawsky ’19 (India)
Lura Morton ’19 (Morocco) (Alternate)

Teaching Assistant Program in France
Nicole Bouche ’19
Ashley Coyne ’19
Sarah Johnson ’19
Connor May '19
Molly Wampler '19

Critical Language Scholarship
Sara Burke ’19 (Morocco)

Watson Fellowship
Samantha Lilly ’19 (Argentina, Indonesia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand)

Goldwater Scholarship
Anneke Fleming ’21