Prof. Steve Neshyba on Technology, the Liberal Arts, and the Next Generation

July 19, 2013

Inside Higher Education
magazine publishes viewpoint on MOOCs and more

TACOMA, Wash — In an article titled "How Not to Become Road Kill," chemistry professor Steven Neshyba confronts the issue of the growing interest in online education and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), by arguing that technology is the friend of liberal arts institutions.

In his second op-ed on new technology in the classroom, Neshyba says that liberal arts colleges, leveraging their advantage of small classes and inspired mentoring, can employ new teaching technologies highly effectively. He also points to some harrowing challenges that the world faces ahead and asks if the cognitive skills practiced in the liberal arts setting aren’t exactly what upcoming generations need.

Read the Inside Higher Education article here:

To view an earlier article by Professor Neshyba on "flipping a classroom" in the Chronicle of Higher Education visit:'

Photos on page: Top right: Students work in Collins Memorial Library at Puget Sound. Above left: Professor Steven Neshyba.

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