Follow Three Loggers on a European Basketball Tour

June 5, 2013

VIENNA, Austria - Taylor Jones, Olivia Roberts and Amanda Forshay are representing the United States on a basketball tour through Europe over the next week. The trio will be playing games in Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. Each player wanted to make sure to share their experience with the Logger fans back home and will be writing to us over the next week. Check back this week for more updates!

Our first blog comes from senior guard Taylor Jones.

After several flights and nearly 30 straight hours without sleep, the three of us finally made it to Vienna, Austria! When we first arrived at the Vienna airport, we were greeted by our delegation manager and tour guide Amir Karim.

Amir has grown up in Vienna his entire life, so he was able to give us detailed insight on the history about the beautiful city! He has also been attempting to teach us the German language and gives us daily quizzes that we all look forward to every day.

Our first day consisted of a guided city tour where we visited the Imperial Palace, the Town Hall, and the St. Stephen's Cathedral. Traveling by subway to nearly every destination, we had the opportunity to experience the authenticity of life in Vienna.

On our second day, we played our first game against Vienna's women's professional team. We ended up a little short, but it was a fun experience playing with the other six girls on the USA team as well as competing against the other team! After the game, we then visited the Prater Amusement Park where we spent the evening together enjoying rollercoaster rides and sight seeing.

Our third day was, in my opinion, the best day so far! We travelled to Graz, Austria, to hold a clinic for about 40 kids at a local Graz rec center. Although only a few of the kids knew how to speak a limited amount of English, it was an amazing experience being able to play in drills and games with them! After the clinic, we played our second game of the trip and got our first team win! We were lucky enough to have dinner with the Graz team and get to know them on a more personal level. It was definitely a perfect ending to a great day!

Overall, the trip has been unbelievable thus far. We have already made great friends with the other girls on the team and can't wait to see more of this gorgeous European tour! Tomorrow is a day filled with more sightseeing in Klagenfurt where we will visit the primary university and a local lake! Until next time… Auf wiedersehen!

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