Mission Accomplished! Loggers Complete Drive for 125

April 14, 2013

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The Puget Sound Athletics Department’s Drive For 125 has been fulfilled. With both the men’s and women’s varsity rowing boats winning the Meyer-Lamberth Cups, the Loggers have officially reached 125 department wins.

The Drive for 125 began August 31 as all 23 Logger teams set out to reach 125 wins during the 2012-13 school year. The department-wide goal was originated to commemorate the University of Puget Sound’s 125th anniversary.

After seven-plus months on the Drive, the Loggers have officially compiled 125 wins. The women’s rowing team claimed the clinching victory in defeating Pacific Lutheran for the Lamberth Cup.

The Drive for 125 has included some incredible moments in Logger history. Chris McDonald set the school record for career shutouts in win #40. Matt Gilbert set the school javelin record in win #99. Win #64 featured a 36-point from Kelsey McKinnis – the most ever scored in a single basketball game in the Loggers Division III history.

Head Volleyball Coach Mark Massey tallied his 300th victory at Puget Sound in win #34. Wins 55, 58, and 59 were postseason wins for the volleyball team, with win #59 advancing the Loggers into the Elite 8 of the NCAA Tournament.

Win #52 came on Nov. 4 when the women’s soccer team clinched the Northwest Conference title, extending its incredible streak of conference crowns to 11 straight.

Just a few weeks ago, the baseball team defeated the top-ranked team in the nation with a 9-7 win over Linfield for win #119.

While the Loggers have completed their Drive for 125, there is still work to be done with about three weeks of competitions still remaining on the schedule. Keep coming out to support the Loggers and let’s see how many wins we can get this year to commemorate 125 amazing years at the University of Puget Sound!

Tell us your favorite moment on the Loggers Drive for 125 on twitter using the hashtag, #drivefor125, or on our facebook page – www.facebook.com/PSLoggers.

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