Senior Theatre Festival

Each April seniors in the Department of Theatre Arts prepare thesis projects for the Senior Theatre Festival, offering a different show each weekend onstage at Norton Clapp Theatre.

Curtains open Fridays at 7:30 p.m., and Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $8 general; $6 seniors, students, military, Puget Sound faculty/staff/students; available at Wheelock Information Center, 253.879.3100, or

Join us for the 2017 Senior Theatre Festival! 

Play A: March 31 and April 1
Lunacy by Sandra Perlman
Noel Conley ’17, director
Laura Uyeki ’17, set and costumes
Hannah Ferguson ’17, lighting
Adrian Kljucec ’17, sound

A young Puritan woman enlists and actor who is preparing to play the role of King Lear in order to help her father, who believes that he is King Lear and speaks only in lines from the show, complete his "performance."

Content Warning: death onstage, implied self-harm (blood), mental illness

Play B: April 7 and 8
The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh
Courtney Seyl ’17, director
Jenna Deml ’17, dramaturg/Ariel
John Miller Giltner ’16, Katurian
Justin Brush ’16, Tupolski

When a writer is arrested for writing stories coinciding with the murders of children, a story of freedom of speech versus government censorship ensues. Katurian is fighting not only for his brother and his freedom, but for the chance for his stories to be saved, while at the same time dealing with the demons of his past and the horror that his brother endured.

Content Warning: gunshots, child abuse, child murder, death onstage, excessive violence, mental illness

Play C: April 14 and 15
Proof by David Auburn
Kayla Littleton ’17, director
Justin Brush ’16, dramaturg
Libby Dabrowski ’17, lighting and stage management
John Miller Giltner ’16, sound
Claire Martin ’17, Catherine

On Catherine's 25th birthday, one of her father's students, Hall, comes to look through the notebooks of her recently deceased, brilliant mathematician father who struggled with mental deterioration toward the end of his life. In facing her father's death, Catherine also has to face the possibility that she is more like her father than she'd like.

Content Warning: death, mental illness

Play D: April 21 and 22
afterlife: a ghost story by Steven Christopher Yockey
Liz Frost ’17, director
Hannah Ferguson ’17, set and lighting
Keegan Kyle ’17, costumes, puppetry design, Postman, and Blackbird
Adrian Kljucec ’17, Connor
Molly Gregory ’17, Danielle

Afterlife is about a couple who have recently lost their son to the sea. In Act I we see the grieving couple packing up in preparation for a large storm approaching their beach house. At the end of Act I, the storm hits sooner than anticipated. Act II takes us into an alternate universe where wild things happen.

Content Warning: child death, body mutilation