Director of Career and Employment Services

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Mona provides direction and vision for the CES team. She oversees integrated career and employment services, balancing the needs of students and employers to provide meaningful opportunities for students' career development.

In her down time, Mona spends sunny days in the garden cultivating roses or on the highway, zipping along in her convertible.

What was your first, or an early work experience that impacted your career path?
One of my first work experiences was in the wonderful world of retail – a job that helped me pay for my undergraduate college education. What I learned from this job was the importance of good customer service and the value of a service-focused attitude. I moved on from retail when it became clear I wouldn’t weather another holiday season, but I continue to use these skills every day and in every job since.

What did you learn in your major field of study that you currently use in your work?
My undergraduate field of study was Social Work and I have a masters in Human Resources. I didn’t pursue a career in Social Work, but the skills I learned in my course work have proven invaluable. Primarily, the ability to listen and see things from another perspective. I try to apply these skills in my daily work, but as with many things, it’s a work in progress.

What is your favorite location/event/hidden gem/thing about Tacoma?
So many choices! I actually live in DuPont and commute to Tacoma. One day in an effort to avoid the I-5 traffic, I took an alternate route home via Grandview and Chamber’s Creek Drive. It took me along the water and through the beautiful town of Steilacoom. It’s now my regular route, which I really enjoy in the summer when I can put the top down on my convertible.

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