Whether you attend in person or watch recordings afterwards, on this page you'll find resources to help you get the most out of the conference. 





PathwayU Assessments

Use PathwayU to discover yourself, model your path, and connect to jobs & internships! This new resource starts with questions about your goals for the future, your interests, your values, your personality, and your preferences for a work environment. Each assessment takes about 5 minutes. Then, based on your responses, PathwayU shows you dozens of potential career matches. For each career, there's a video overview, details about what's needed to be successful in that career, salary information, job leads, and more. 

Looking to get the most out of Future Heights? Complete the PathwayU assessments as part of your preparation. Use the following worksheets to help you get the most out of each assessment: 

Step #1: SET UP Your Account


How these assessments will help you prepare for Future Heights: Use these assessments and the accompanying worksheets to learn more about your interests and values, and how these influence your career decisions. Think of them as personalized filters you can use while exploring career options. When you attend Future Heights sessions, these assessments will help refine your perspective, enabling you to assess career options from alumni and employers through the lense of what is most important to you. 

Step #2: Complete the INTERESTS Assessment


Use this assessment to prepare for Future Heights: The Interests Assessment will help you learn more about the type of work you’re interested in pursuing. When attending sessions with alumni, employers, and other career experts, compare their job description with your interests. This will help you better refine your search for meaningful career experiences.

Step #3: Complete the VALUES Assessment


Use this assessment to prepare for Future Heights: Understanding your values will help you identify employers and jobs that you’ll find meaningful. Complete this activity and prepare questions to ask alumni and employers to help learn if their work aligns with your values.

Step #4: Complete the PERSONALITY Assessment


Use this assessment to prepare for Future Heights: What type of work might excite you? How does your personality influence the type of work you enjoy? Complete this activity to learn more about yourself before meeting alumni and employers who share some of your personality traits.

Step #5: Complete the WORKPLACE PREFERENCES Assessment


Use this assessment to prepare for Future Heights: What an employer values and how they operate can play a big part in your enjoyment of joining their team. Complete this activity to evaluate your work environment and style preferences before meeting alumni and employers who can tell you about theirs! 



Whether you are assessing your experiences and interests, exploring career options, or ready to take action on job and internship searches, each session can help you on your journey to your future heights.

So. Where are you?

Are you
... Assessing? 
... Exploring? 
... or Ready to Act?


Determining which AEA stage (Assessing, Exploring, or Ready to Act) you are at in your career preparation process will help you to get the most out of each Future Heights session.  For example, here’s how the session Launch a Values-Driven Search might look from the vantage point of each AEA stage:

If you’re in ASSESS mode:
While listening to the presenters...

  • Consider what values they hold and how they came to realize them
  • Ask yourself, "What is important to me? What are my values?"
  • Pay attention to whether the work presenters do aligns with your interests or values

If you’re EXPLORING options:
As the presenters speak...

  • Listen for key details about what their job function involves and pay attention to whether their work piques your interest
  • Observe what the presenters suggest it takes to be successful in their field and/or role
  • Record any advice they offer on how to gain experience while in college

If you’re ready to ACT:
Listen and consider…

  • What steps do the panelists recommend that you take to ensure your values match with a potential employer?
  • What advice do the presenters offer about how to use your values to navigate and stand out in a job or internship search?

Learn more about CES' Assess | Explore | Act model of career development. Identifying where you are in this process will give you insight into how you can make the most of the Future Heights Sessions.