2018 Southeast Asia Symposium

Fifth Annual LIASE Southeast Asia Symposium
Conservation and Indigeneity in Malaysia
October 19-20, 2018

The 5th annual LIASE Southeast Asia Symposium focuses on the intersections of conservation and indigenous peoples in Malaysia, additionally highlighting our 2019 field school in Thailand. The Symposium features participants and Southeast Asianist scholars from universities around the Northwest, regional cuisine, a music and dance performance, as well as talks from students who have conducted research as part of the LIASE sponsored 2018 field school program in Malaysian Borneo. 

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be the internationally acclaimed environmental anthropologist Lye Tuck-Po, from the School of Social Sciences at the Universiti Sains Malaysia. The author and editor of numerous books and articles on the intersections of indigenous culture and environmental challenges, Professor Lye's primary research focuses on the environmental knowledge and relations of local communities, especially Southeast Asian tropical forest dwellers. Her long-term work is with the mobile, hunting-and-gathering, forest-dwelling Batek (Orang Asli) of Pahang, along with the knowledge and knowing of landscapes and in indigenous epistemologies.

Lye Tuck-Po will be the keynote speaker at the Southeast Asia Symposium on Friday, October 19, presenting a lecture on her research concerning the environmental knowledge and relations of local communities in Malaysia.