Kilworth Memorial Chapel is admired within the on- and off-campus communities as an exceptional venue for weddings. Classically elegant, the New England style chapel holds a special place in the hearts of many and is an inclusive and accessible space for all those with a relationship to the University of Puget Sound. This relationship may be a student, staff, faculty, alumni, or a relative or friend of any of these constituents. The chapel is also available to community members, provided space is available and with special permission from the chapel office.

The chapel is available for weddings throughout the year, except:

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • University of Puget Sound Graduation Weekend
  • July 4th Day/Weekend
  • Last two weeks of August
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Last two weeks of December & the first two weeks of January

The chapel may be reserved for up to 4 hours anytime between 9:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The 4-hour block must include times for set-up, ceremony, clean-up, and photography. In addition to the wedding ceremony reservation, a 1½ hour wedding rehearsal will be scheduled. This typically takes place the day before the wedding. For information about wedding rehearsals or weekday ceremony reservations, please contact the Kilworth Memorial Chapel office at 253.879.2751 or

Reservations may be made by completing and submitting the reservation form, contract, and payment in full to the Kilworth Memorial Chapel office. These forms may be requested by contacting any of the chapel staff at 253.879.2751 or Reservations may be made up to one year in advance of the ceremony.

Forms may be submitted via email, fax, or mail:
University of Puget Sound
The Center for Intercultural & Civic Engagement
Attn: Kilworth Memorial Chapel
1500 N. Warner St., CMB 1082
Tacoma, WA 98416-1082
Attn: Kilworth Memorial Chapel at 253.879.3810

For payment, we accept checks, Visa, or MasterCard. Please make checks payable to “University of Puget Sound.” If paying by credit card, please bring payment to our office, located in the yellow house with the green door, 3219 North 13th Street, or call 253.879.2751. A copy of the receipt and a confirmation letter will be mailed within two weeks to the primary contact address provided.

Tours are scheduled and guided by our talented chapel assistants. Please email us for more information or to schedule a chapel tour.

Kilworth Memorial Chapel
3410 North 18th Street
Tacoma, WA 98416

Kilworth Memorial Chapel: 300 guests

  • 36 pews, 18 on either side of the aisle (55’x5’) (wheelchair accessible)
  • Chancel/stage (wheelchair accessible)
  • Windows: 16 total, 5 on either side of the pews, 1 above either exit door, and 2 on either side of the stage. Width – 3 feet, 9 inches

Lounge: 175 guests standing; 100 guests seated (wheelchair accessible)

Gail Day Chapel: 30 guests

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may only be served and consumed in the chapel lounge and lounge foyer (the basement).

Smoking is prohibited inside and within 25 feet of the chapel. Any person exhibiting behavior consistent with substance use must be turned away by the responsible party.

The use and distribution of alcohol are prohibited anywhere on the grounds or inside the facility of Kilworth Memorial Chapel unless authorized by the Use Agreement and chapel office, and then only in compliance with the further limitations stated within the Kilworth Memorial Chapel Alcohol Policy.

Those with a relationship to the University of Puget Sound, be they a student, faculty/staff member, alumnus/a, or a relative/friend, and community members, are welcome to reserve the chapel for their special ceremony at a use fee of:


Students           $300
Faculty/Staff            $500
Alumni $600
Relative or Friend of the Above     


Community Member (no affiliation)



**Additional hours are prorated at $100 per hour with a maximum of 3 additional hours

   ** Additional hours require prior approval by chapel staff.

Rates are subject to change.

The use fee includes:

  • Space rental
  • Table and chair set-up and breakdown
  • Audio/Visual set-up and breakdown as well as an experienced chapel assistant to run sound
  • Use of:
    • Sound System (Main Chapel) - house speakers, CD, and iPod capable
    • Steinway Grand Piano and Schneebeck Organ*
    • Altar (7'x22")
    • Large Sterling Silver Cross
    • Two Sterling Silver Altar Candle Holders (the chapel will provide 18" beeswax candles)
    • Two Seven-Candle Brass Candelabras (you provide smokeless/drip-less beeswax candles)
    • Easel(s)
    • And more! Please ask our chapel assistants if you have any questions.

A chapel assistant will be in attendance at all events (both rehearsal and ceremony). This person will help with the set-up of chapel equipment, the locking and unlocking doors, the sound system, and other chapel-related concerns.

The chapel assistant does not serve as a wedding or event coordinator.


The Bethel Schneebeck Organ

The organ in Kilworth Chapel is named in honor of Bethel Schneebeck. Ms. Schneebeck has generously enriched the University of Puget Sound's artistic and cultural life and the community.

Many small village chapels throughout northern Germany and Holland house pipe organs built over 300 years ago during the early Baroque period. Their pipes, stop and key mechanisms, and valves have survived numerous changes in style and technological advances. Paul Fritts and Company designed the organ in Kilworth Chapel after these European masterpieces.

Paul Fritts, University of Puget Sound '73, built his first organ in 1978. Paul Fritts and Company organs are known and respected throughout the world. Built-in 1990, the Bethel Schneebeck Organ is the largest and most intricate of his creations. From the shaping of the pipes to the detailed touches on the ornate cabinet, each level of construction was customized for the chapel. The 20-foot tall façade of piped and delicate gold scroll-work above the dwarfed bench and keyboard is a magnificent sight for all guests.

Only organists approved by the University of Puget Sound may play the Bethel Schneebeck Organ. Payment should be arranged between the person using the facility and the organist.

  1. The Use Fee must be paid in advance according to the instructions on the Use Permit.  The fee is not refundable.  The Use Fee does not include payment of the officiating minister.  Couples should make financial arrangements with their chosen officiant.
  2. Candles, except battery-operated candles, are not permitted in the aisle or windows. Please inform your florist of this fire regulation. If candles are used on the altar, there must be a protective barrier underneath them.
  3. Decorations may only be attached to the chapel pews by plastic pew clips. Nothing may be taped, pinned, or nailed to the pews. The florist should be notified of this regulation by the bridal party, so that pew clips are attached to the prepared arrangements. You may purchase pew clips from a florist or floral supply company. The chapel also provides pew clips if needed.
  4. The use of rice or birdseed is not allowed in or around the chapel. Acceptable substitutes for outdoor use only are bubbles or real flower petals.
  5. The pipe organ and grand piano are available for use in the chapel. Only organists from the approved list may play the organ. It is the bridal/ceremony party's responsibility to contact and make arrangements with an approved organist.
  6. Setup needs (i.e., tables and chairs, audio/visual, parking, etc.) must be submitted to the chapel office at least one week before the ceremony. With exception to the rehearsal itself (in which you will have an opportunity to refine your setup needs for the ceremony), any setup needs or changes submitted within a week of the ceremony are not guaranteed.

The University of Puget Sound is a private educational institution, and its facilities are similar to any use of a private property. The university extends these privileges of use under a Permit for a Fee, which approximates the university's cost for such use. Any use of the facilities is subject to prior agreement and payment of the permit fee. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Any function not specified by and for Puget Sound students, any non-university related group, or any program imposing charges (including, but not limited to, a registration fee, tuition, or donation) will be subject to both the permit fee and approval of the use.

Use of university facilities is subject to the following terms, conditions, and limitations. All rules and regulations regarding public meeting places must be observed. In addition, the university imposes the following regulations:

  1. Damage to, or destruction of, the building or any fixtures, equipment or furniture therein which may result from the operation of the user shall be promptly repaired or replaced by the user to the satisfaction of the university, or, in lieu of such repair or replacement, the user shall pay to the university an amount of money sufficient to compensate for the required repair or replacement at the time the facility is vacated.
  2. The user of university facilities agrees to save harmless, indemnify and defend the university from any and all claims that may arise due to the user's use of the facility. The University of Puget Sound is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Users are encouraged not to leave personal belongings unattended.
  3. The University of Puget Sound is not to be associated or advertised as a sponsor or endorser of activities generated by the user.
  4. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on the premises unless pre-approved and permitted by the chapel office, and alcohol policy requirements are met. Any person exhibiting behavior with alcohol use and use in the alcohol in the chapel lounge/foyer was not pre-approved/permitted must be turned away by the responsible party.
  5. In accordance with the state "No Smoking" regulation (WAC 248-152-030), there is to be no smoking allowed in university classrooms, lecture halls, or in the chapel.
  6. Food and drink may only be served or consumed in the chapel lounge and lounge foyer (the basement). 
  7. Only licensed service animals are permitted inside the chapel. If a service animal is attending the event, please notify chapel staff at 253.879.2751.
  8. During the academic year, persons using campus facilities are expected to observe campus traffic and parking regulations as stipulated by Security Services.
  9. The university reserves the right to establish additional and/or special facility use restrictions according to need.
  10. Violations of these aforementioned requirements shall be grounds for the cancellation of permit privileges at the university.