It is our goal to make the visit of your international guest as straightforward as possible with regard to immigration and financial compensation. In order to assure that your international visitor is paid in a timely manner, when he/she arrives on campus, escort him/her to International Programs (Howarth 215) to check in with our International Student and Scholar Advisor. She will review all documents so they may be presented to Accounting and Budget Services for payment. We have provided a checklist to the visitor for documents they must provide; listed below are the documents we require from you.

Department administrator provides:

  1. Disbursement Request Form
  2. Verification that all documents required for paying an international visitor are included with the disbursement form and submitted to Accounting and Budget Services for processing of payment.

    Note: It may be helpful to remember reimbursements for expenses (with original receipts) can be made payable to your visitor without requiring any additional forms/paperwork from them.

Additional items to check off:

  1. Verify that the person will be allowed to perform services and accept remuneration before the service is performed or academic activity begins.
  2. All forms must be original and completed in ink.
  3. 8233 must be filed on a calendar year basis. Once it is filed, it will be valid for the entire calendar year unless there is a change in visa type. W-9 and Attachment need to be filed just once.
  4. Advise payee that in the absence of an original 8233, or late filing, tax treaty cannot be granted. Payment will have 30% federal taxes withheld. Form 8233 (or W-9 and Attachment) must be submitted within 3 days from the date signed.
  5. No payment will be made if payee does not have prior approval from visa sponsoring agency when Puget Sound is not the sponsor (J-1 and TN visas).

Please contact our International Student and Scholar Advisor in International Programs at 253.879.2514 if you have questions.