Academic Advisor
A member of the faculty in your field of study who will help you to plan your program of courses and who will be available during the year to advise you on academic matters. Your academic advisor should be consulted on all matters affecting your progress and study plans.

Academic Calendar
The schedule of important dates during the academic year. You will find an academic calendar in the class schedule and in the University Bulletin.

Advanced Standing
Credit given toward a Puget Sound degree for academic work completed in another school either in the U.S. or abroad.

Academic Year
The two official terms of study: the Fall term of 15 weeks, August through December; and the Spring term of 16 weeks, January through May.

Any course work prescribed by your professor: for example, reading the books on the "reading list" or writing a term paper.

Core Requirements
The eight general education requirements which must be completed by all Puget Sound undergraduates. See the University Bulletin for a full description.

Degree Progress Report (DPR)
Prepared by the Evaluator's Office (Jones 005) at periodic intervals to indicate (1) the total number of transfer credits and transfer GPA, if you have completed post-secondary course work elsewhere; (2) the total number of units and your cumulative GPA for your course work at Puget Sound; (3) your progress on completing the university's core requirements.

Dean's List
List of students who are in the top 10% of students for the previous semester.

Periodic examinations are given in most schools and departments. The mid-term examination covers the first half of the course work; the final examination covers the complete term's work; quizzes (short examinations) may be given any time during the term without notice. Unless you have a valid excuse (illness or other extreme emergency) attendance at examinations is mandatory, and you will be given a failing grade if you are absent.

Full Course of Study
Registration for 3.00 or 4.00 units and completion of a minimum of three units each term. A full course of study is required for all international students holding F-1 visas.

The Logger
The university's online guide to all academic policies, services and procedures.

Preparation (homework)
Course work done outside class. For each hour spent in class, you should devote two or three or more hours of preparation.

Reserve Reading
Professors place books or articles "on reserve" in Collins Library (at Front Desk). Students must complete the readings within a specific time period to insure that all students have access to the assignment.

Take Home Examination
Sometimes given instead of an examination in class; the questions are to be answered "at home" (outside of class) using resource materials. You should not consult with classmates when completing this type of exam.

Term Paper
An essay on an assigned or selected topic, required in some courses; it is generally due at the end of the term.

Puget Sound Transcript
A university document issued by the Regitrar's Office which records the courses for which you are registered and the grades that you received in them.

University Bulletin
Published each year. Contains full description of all major, minor and university requirements and all courses offered in each department.

Puget Sound
An abbreviation for University of Puget Sound.