What you do with your liberal arts education as you leave the University of Puget Sound can cause ripples of change in your department, organization, field, and ultimately the world. As a liberal arts student, you have delved into critical issues that affect our global society, you’ve developed strategies for voicing your perspective, and you have held difficult but crucial conversations.
Moving forward from this space of critical analysis and progressive thought into a working environment can feel like you are stuck in a time warp. The reality is that organization policies and even individuals will be rooted in implicit and explicit bias and ignorance.

Career and Employment Services (CES) has compiled resources and created a guide to help you navigate.

The Identity-based Career Resources are a curated lists of services, organizations, and articles that can support career development for a variety of identities.

Identity-Based Career Resources

With the Thrival Guide, we hope to equip you with tools – to find an organization and position, to know your rights, and to prepare to successfully start a career in ways that you will thrive.

Thrival Guide

Explore the Guide and the Resources. If you have questions, or would like to talk through any of the topics you find there, the CES Career Advisors are available to chat. Schedule an appointment via Handshake.