For many of our students, the 2020 election is the first opportunity to exercise the right to vote.  Every vote counts—regardless of your political affiliation.

Puget Sound is committed to community and civic engagement, and this commitment is evident in our efforts to support our right to vote. This page provides information about our outreach efforts, voting rights and organizations, and a series of upcoming election-related events for students, faculty, and staff. 

Loggers make a difference in so many ways. Let’s celebrate our right to vote. PUGET SOUND VOTES!

Get involved

Under the direction of Skylar Bihl ’08, associate director of civic engagement and leadership, and Voter Engagement Specialists Callia Varnon-Welch ’23 and Mimi Molotsky ’22, a number of outreach activities have already occurred. Information about voter registration has been shared with all students, including details about voting in Washington or home states. Student leaders are actively reaching out to students both on and off campus, encouraging them to register to vote and to volunteer for a get-out-the vote "couch party." Ways you can get involved:

  • Register to vote. Note sure where to start? Visit our voter registration page.
  • Join a “couch party” for Puget Sound. For more information, email our voter engagement specialists.
  • Stop by Collins Library and pick up a "Vote" button or print out your own "Vote" stickers and share with friends. Click one of the images below to download the PDF.
  • Join an affinity-based group for post-election processing. These spaces will be opportunities for you to share your thoughts and reflect upon the election, facilitated by staff members. Visit the election-related events page for more information.
  • Attend one of the many election-related events happening before and after the election.  
  • Volunteer as a poll worker.  
  • Be inspired! Check out these sites that support student engagement:
    • All In: Campus Democracy Challenge: Puget Sound has partnered with this organization in the past. This year, we are signing on to their couch parties to help get out the vote.
    • Campus Vote Project: This organization encourages college students from across the country to vote and to raise awareness at their respective colleges.
    • Rock the Vote: Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young people.

Resources for Voting and About Voting Rights