Common Good Sessions

2-3:10 p.m. or 3:20-4:30 p.m.

Effective People Skills

Mike Segawa, vice president of student affairs and dean of students

Have you ever worked with a difficult person? Have you ever been that difficult person? Understanding behavior style is the foundation for building more effective communication, reduced tension, and ultimately more productive work relationships. With this understanding, you can determine your impact on other people, learn how they respond to you, and how you perceive them. An individual's behavior tends to be predictable. You talk, gesture, choose words, make decisions, solve problems, face challenges, and interact with others in consistent ways which form your behavior patterns or "style." This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to create stronger interpersonal relationships.  Limited to 50 participants per session.


Finding Your Vocation

Bill Grace

Trusting that we each find our vocation at the intersection of the world’s deep hunger and our deep gladness, this highly interactive session will help Sophomores further clarify their sense of vocation. Further students will be encouraged to translate that new clarity into action for the common good.


Values-Based Decision Making

Dave Wright, university chaplin and director of Spirituality, Service & Social Justice
Moe Stephens, assistant director of student activities for greek life
Kelly Ammendolia, assistant director of residence life

This very practical session will introduce students to three forms of values-based decision making: daily practice, moral temptations and ethical dilemmas. As students become aware of and then practice these approaches to choice-making they will dramatically increase their ability to make choices that for their own good and the good of others.


Could Power + Privilege = Justice?

Robin Jacobson, assistant professor, politics and government
Czarina Ramsay, director of multicultural student services

We all have some privilege. What is yours and how can it be used for the greater good? Participants will explore personal perspectives on difference to become more informed on the values they carry into interactions with their communities. Through reflections on personal experiences, workings of power and issues of diversity in Tacoma and at Puget Sound, participants ask what it means to have privilege and to work towards social justice.