Part-time Employment Policy for Retired Faculty

This "Part-Time Employment Policy for Retired Faculty" provides an opportunity for tenured faculty members to elect at the time of retirement to continue teaching on a part-time basis for up to five years after the academic year in which they retire from the university and thus resign their positions as tenured faculty members and assume the status of professors emeriti. The policy thus allows faculty, if they choose, to move gradually from full-time teaching into complete retirement.

Eligible faculty members may elect to teach two or more courses a year during any or all of the five years following their retirement, such courses to be agreed upon each year in consultation with the Academic Vice President and the department chair. An eligible faculty member is a full-time tenured faculty member who retires from the university and whose performance continues to meet the university's standards of teaching excellence. Faculty members who retire early or change careers under the university's "Early Retirement and Career Change Policy" are not eligible to teach part time under this Part-Time Employment Policy.

A part-time teaching contract under this policy will be an annual contract subject to (1) agreement on the courses to be taught, and (2) satisfactory teaching performance. The total compensation for all courses taught will be equivalent to one-sixth of the salary specified on the faculty salary schedule for persons of the same rank as the individual electing part-time teaching. Access to the secretarial support, shared office space, and other services will also be provided for those faculty members continuing to teach on a part-time basis.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: February 6, 1998