Learning Objectives

Students in Connections courses develop their understanding of the interrelationship of fields of knowledge by exploring connections and contrasts between various disciplines with respect to disciplinary methodology and subject matter.


  1. Connections courses draw upon the curricula of either established disciplines or the University's interdisciplinary programs. These courses may involve the collaboration of faculty from more than one department or the efforts of individual faculty with interdisciplinary expertise and interests.
  2. In the Connections course, students engage the interdisciplinary process by

    1. identifying multiple disciplinary approaches to a subject;
    2. analyzing the subject from these perspectives;
    3. participating in cross-disciplinary dialogue; and
    4. exploring the integration or synthesis of these approaches to foster understanding of the subject.
  3. Connections courses explore these interdisciplinary issues at a level of sophistication expected of an upper division course. These courses may have appropriate prerequisites, so long as they do not unduly limit the audience in numbers or in level of disciplinary sophistication.
  4. The Connections course must be taken at Puget Sound.