Academic Standards Committee

The Academic Standards Committee shall consist of the Dean of the University (ex-officio), the Dean of Students (ex-officio), the Registrar (ex-officio), the Director of Academic Advising (ex-officio), no fewer than seven appointed members of the Faculty, and two student members.

The duties of the Committee shall be:

  • To study, formulate, and recommend academic policies and practices within the context of the academic goals of the University.
  • To formulate policies that determine the composition of the student body through standards of admission, rules for probation and dismissal for unsatisfactory work, grading procedures and student evaluation policies, and policies that ensure eligibility for a degree consistent with the university's educational philosophy and ideals.
  • To assist the deans in the interpretation and administration of adopted policies.
  • To establish and interpret policies for advising.
  • To recommend university and departmental standards for Honors at graduation.
  • To hear student petitions for waivers of academic policies.
  • Such other duties as may be assigned to it.


Members, 2017-2018


  • Geoffrey Block
  • Rich Anderson-Connolly
  • America Chambers
  • Alyce DeMarais
  • Greg Elliott
  • Lisa Ferrari
  • Jan Leuchtenberger
  • Danny McMillian
  • David Moore
  • Peter Sullivan (fall)
  • Kurt Walls


  • Kristine Bartanen (Sunil Kukreja)
  • Mike Segawa (Debbie Chee)
  • Michael Pastore
  • Landon Wade


  • Paula Wilson (fall)
  • Bill Beardsley (spring)


  • Hannah Katz
  • Helen Tschurr