Five Questions With Andrea Tull Davis ’02

During Homecoming and Family Weekend, we caught up with Alumni Council President Andrea Tull Davis ’02 and asked her five burning questions. Here's what she had to say.

Q: As Alumni Council President, what are your goals for the year?
A: Giving, mentoring, and diversity and inclusion:

  • Giving. We have committed to increasing participation in the Alumni Fund with the goal of 16.5 percent by 2020 and 18 percent by 2032. As you know, engagement leads to investment, and we hope to translate our increased alumni engagement into increased alumni giving. We have learned that alumni-to-alumni outreach is most effective, so we are working to build up the ranks of our class officers and class agents, while also giving these volunteers better tools to engage their classmates.
  • Mentoring. We're working to pilot an alumni-student mentorship program with the long-term vision of providing every Puget Sound student with an alumni mentor who will support them during their time at the university (and potentially even postgraduation). In addition, the council is working to build on the success of the Take a Logger to Work job shadow program and expand it so more students can participate. Alumni have been key partners in student development by sharing their unique insight into careers and industries, returning to campus for career fairs and as guest speakers. Joe Kurtis ’87, P'17, chair of our Career and Employment Services Committee, is leading our work in this area, and we hope this vision will be part of the university’s strategic plan in meaningful ways.
  • Diversity and inclusion. This issue has come up at nearly every Alumni Council meeting in some form, and I think it is important that we continue to think about diversity in many different ways. We are changing how we communicate with alumni, trying to reach new corners of the alumni body and ensure that there is more than one way to define successful engagement as alumni. We are also committed to building an alumni leadership group that is reflective of the diversity of our students and alumni.

Q: How can I get involved in the Alumni Council? Why should I join?
A: I was the lucky recipient of scholarships made by alumni donors that enabled me to attend college. Being a first-generation college student, these scholarships were critical. As a result, I want to pay it forward and support current and future Loggers so everyone has the opportunity to have the life-changing experience I did.

There are very easy ways all alumni can help current and future Loggers that don't require a financial donation, but an investment of time. Many of the ways to help, you don't need to be in Tacoma or Washington, either! Help recruit Loggers by attending a college fair or sending postcards to prospective students. You can also join the Logger Alumni Association on LinkedIn and connect with students who are exploring potential careers and what to do with their degree postgraduation. If you are interested in learning about the various ways to get involved, visit our Volunteer page or email to get connected.

Q: OK, campus cafe truth bomb: Diversions, Oppenheimer, or Lillis? And what's your go-to campus cafe drink when you're back at Puget Sound?
A: Oppenheimer! I love that Puget Sound serves Stumptown Coffee—my favorite coffee—so I am happy with a simple cup of coffee with some creamer.

Q: How can Loggers stay connected to campus, even if they're not in Tacoma, or can't make it back for Homecoming and Family Weekend or Summer Reunion Weekend?
A: We're working on ways to utilize technology to allow Loggers to participate remotely. In addition, I would recommend connecting with your local Regional Alumni Club—we have 10 clubs across the country that are led by fellow Logger alumni to plan events designed to bring Loggers together and reconnect elements of campus to Logger alumni everywhere. Visit our Stay Connected page to find an event near you!

Q: Puget Sound has changed a lot over the years. What have you seen happening on campus that inspires you?
A: Campus has always been beautiful in my eyes, and certainly all the additions over the years have only added to the beauty. However, the students that Puget Sound attracts continue to inspire me. Every student I meet is passionate about their hobbies and interests, and I am always amazed to learn about the new clubs, activities, and academic pursuits that our students are involved with. Seeing the caliber of students that are graduating from Puget Sound reassures me that our future is in great hands.