Welcome Back, Loggers!

Welcome Back, Loggers!

On this page you'll find memories shared by the Class of 2009, so we welcome you to take a trip down memory lane and contribute to the class discussion! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to campus in June!


Class of 2009

Can you believe that it has been 10 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

This June, join fellow Loggers from your Puget Sound days for Summer Reunion Weekend 2019!

What are some of your favorite memories?

"Meeting some of my best friends during Orientation 2005 and continuing to be involved as a leader every year after; Putting in countless hours of choreography, learning, teaching, helping with executive board, and loving RDG; Living in the amazing Pacific Northwest and being encouraged by our university, and especially PSO, to get out and explore it;" - Cydney Keller '09

"Basketball games, being apart of the University's softball program for four years, all of the friends I made and bowling on Thursday nights at Chalet Bowl!" Meghan Watson '09

"Duke of Earls, walking through the arboretum, hearing the sounds of student practice floating out of the Music building, my French classes and classmates, l'heure de conversation a la maison francaise, anything involving Hans Ostrom" - Adrienne Kehn '09

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff?

"Professor Veseth and Professor Kontogeorgopoulos for their ability to provide honest feedback and their true devotion to acadamia. They are truly outstanding professors that care about developing students from from not only an academic standpoint, but also that of personal and professional development." - Lyndsay (Pollock) Buban '09

"Lisa Johnson--passionate, engaging business professor. Will always be one of my favorites. / George Mills--loves UPS, great family, always appreciate his support with what I've done after graduation. / Ronald Thomas--I always thought it was so cool for the President of the University to be so involved in campus activities. Don't know how many other places have that luxary. Great man--leads a great university. / Michelle Jones--helped me grow up and mature when I needed it most." - Bryce Douglas '09

"Peter Wimberger and Amy Ryken. Peter made everything we learned (even statistics) seem exciting and interesting. Labs in his diversity of life class were my favorite educational experiences. Amy Ryken encouraged me to proceed in my practice even when the answers were uncertain emphasizing improvement and reflection over getting it all right." - Nora Darlow '09, MAT '11