Welcome Back, Loggers!

Welcome Back, Loggers!

On this page you'll find memories shared by the Class of 1969, so we welcome you to take a trip down memory lane and contribute to the class discussion! We are looking forward to welcome you back to campus in June!


Class of 1969

Can you believe that it has been 50 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

This June, join fellow Loggers from your Puget Sound days for Summer Reunion Weekend 2019!

What are some of your favorite memories?

"Water fights, weekly Honors colloquium, late coffee study in the dining hall, all classes, my sisters in Pi Beta Phi." - Lin (Sparks) Geddes '69, P'00

"Living at the Commencement Bay Campus as one of 17 students in the old Weyerhauser mansion." - Ron Powers '69

"Coffee with 4 or 5 students and a professor in the SUB and then going together to a class where we simply continued the conversation.  I remember helping to carry the Christmas tree from Gig Harbor and not being allowed to walk it across the Narrows Bridge.  I remember the joy of exploration in many directions - a joy that continues." - David Kinman '69

"The night the Bell Tower played 7-1/2 minutes of sound effects and voices.  (Yes, I did have something to do with it.)" - Rockwell Smith

Who were your favorite professors?

"My favorite faculty member was probably Dr. Norman Anderson, Geology, who managed to make a heavy subject bearable (that’s almost a quote)." - Larry Yok '69, MBA '80

"Harold Simonson (he was so incredibly smart and inspirational) / Dr. John Phillips (his knowledge of and enthusiasm for religion, his leadership on the semester abroad program in Rome)" - Mary (Nothdurft) Clark '69, P'02, P'05

"Dr.Frank Peterson, Sociology was my advisor and was the reason I majored in Sociology. I also really liked and respected Dr. Walter Lowrie and "Teach" Jones. Dr. Lowrie for fueling my love of history and Teach for helping me gain confidence in myself and my abilities." - Bobara (Bliss) Kneeshaw '69

"Bill Colby - our chaperone in Vienna. What enthusiasm for life! / Joyce Ward and Harriet Richmond of the OT department. They were supportive and passionate about OT" - Joan Gilbert '69