Alumni Award Descriptions

The following awards are presented each year at Summer Reunion Weekend:

Professional Achievement Award
This award is given to alumni whose professional career and work exemplify the intellectual curiosity, active inquiry, and reasoned independence that a Puget Sound education develops. Recipients have gained national or international recognition in their careers in a manner that reflects positively on the university.

Service to Community Award
This award is presented to alumni whose commitment, skill, and dedication have had a significant impact in their communities. Through voluntary service in artistic, recreational, educational, human service, or other worthy organizations, recipients of this award better the quality of life around them through service.

Service to Puget Sound Award
This award is presented to a volunteer who has demonstrated extraordinary service to Puget Sound. Whether their alumni service includes involvement in the Alumni Council volunteer network or with academic or other university departments, these alumni have left an indelible mark on the university.

Young Logger Service Award
This award is presented to a current student or recent graduate (within the past 10 years) whose contributions have resulted in programming that inspires young Loggers (alumni and/or current students) to engage more deeply in the rich alumni traditions and spirit of Puget Sound.