Fall 2020 Protocol for COVID-19 Screening & Testing

University of Puget Sound will utilize multiple forms of testing and health screenings throughout the fall semester to minimize the occurrence and spread of COVID-19. These protocols may change as we receive additional guidance from public health officials. Meanwhile, all students, faculty and staff members are required to be aware of and participate in screening and testing as follows.

Minimize Exposure Prior to Arrival on Campus

Students should self-quarantine to the fullest extent possible, monitor for symptoms, and avoid contact with anyone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 for the 14 days preceding arrival on campus.

Daily Self-Screening

Students, faculty and staff members are required to complete a daily online COVID-19 health self-screening before coming to campus, or for those living on campus, before leaving their campus residence. Those who identify as having symptoms of COVID-19 will not be cleared to be on campus (or if already on campus, to engage in campus activities), and will be referred for medical evaluation.

Tacoma-Pierce County Public Health (TPCHD) Testing at the Beginning of Fall Semester

Aug. 29: Students approved to live on campus in the fall will move into single rooms on Aug. 28, complying with face covering, physical distancing and other requirements, and will be tested for COVID-19 on campus by TPCHD. Off-campus students who are living locally and may be interacting with students living on campus are also advised to come to campus for testing on Aug. 29. Information on campus testing location and times will be announced prior to the beginning of fall semester.

Sept. 1: TPCHD will provide testing for any student who was not able to be tested on Aug. 29, and on a space-available basis for faculty and staff members who wish to be tested.

Testing Results: Positive test results will be reported within 48 hours. Residential students with a positive test will be isolated on campus in accordance with public health guidelines. Students in isolation will be closely monitored by staff in Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services and Residence Life, and will receive meals delivered by Dining Services staff. Faculty and staff members who test positive must not return to campus until completing the public health-recommended isolation period.

Testing if Symptomatic or In Close Contact with a Person Testing Positive for COVID-19

Students with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or in close contact with a person testing positive for COVID-19 will be tested on campus in Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (same-day results), at a local clinic in a partnered arrangement that gives Puget Sound students priority access (same-day results) or through a health provider of their choice. Any students, faculty or staff members in this situation will be required to quarantine while awaiting test results. Those with a positive test result will isolate in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Periodic Surveillance Testing

In addition to testing upon arrival, additional dates for testing all or a sampling of students during the semester will be established and communicated by Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services.

Protocols for Student-Athletes

Sport-specific protocols will be in place for student-athletes authorized to train and/or compete, and will include screening and testing in accordance with Northwest Conference and NCAA Division III guidelines. 

Contact Tracing

The university will supplement contact tracing conducted by the TPCHD to more rapidly identify campus members who may have experienced an exposure to COVID-19 and need to quarantine and be tested.