Sarah Samuelson, Adjunct Instructor, School of Music

Professor Sarah Samuelson, an educator, a soprano, a pianist, and a graduate of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Music degree in music education, has dedicated her life to teaching with excellence, sharing music with meaning, and striving to make a positive impact.  She thrives in an environment like Puget Sound where there are continual opportunities to learn from inquisitive students and from exceptional educators and artists.  Sarah Samuelson values the opportunity to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in music education.  She brings her experience teaching for many years in the Auburn and Sumner School Districts as an elementary music specialist, a high school choral director and a teacher leader.

In addition, she has worked extensively in musical theater for over 20 years as an artistic director, actor, vocal coach, pianist, and musical director. She also enjoys teaching private vocal and piano lessons to students of all ages. She has watched many students’ lives transformed through their involvement in music and in theater as their confidence grows through learning, creating, sharing, and performing. She has also researched extensively how music interacts with historical and cultural events and has written multiple musical programs around a variety of topics and especially for honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and Veterans Day.

Sarah Samuelson

Adjunct Instructor of Music Education

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